Our Brand

Avela is all natural cosmetic brand that produces 100% natural soaps and Creams in Ghana. Avela Formulates its products from organic Shea butter and other essential oils blended with fresh fruits and vegetables.

AVELA is a Dagbani word, a local Ghanaian language which means “ you are beautiful”, it conveys the message of  “unique beauty” or “Natural Beauty”. AVELA brand produces all-natural cosmetic products that provides exceptional skin nourishing, extra cleansing and empowers the skin to fight common skin problems.

Avela does not believe in a universal beauty standard for every woman, therefore promotes unique beauty in every woman. Just as the meaning of Avela, the brand stands for celebrating the unique beauty of every woman in shared love and harmony. True beauty begins with the knowledge that nature has already blessed each person with unique beauty and that all persons are beautiful in their own way. Avela makes you glow in your unique beauty

Our Product Formulation

The discovery of Avela product formulation begun with the founder, Awal Suddeeq who is from the Dagbon Kingdom in Northern Ghana. The Dagbon kingdom is very well known across Ghana and Africa for their unparalleled knowledge and unique tradition of using herbs in the healing and treatment of many health conditions since the ancient times. This unique knowledge of healing and treatment has long been preserved in certain families in Dagbon.

Observing the negative impact of chemical cosmetic products on the safety and beauty of the skin of many women, in their quest for healthy and beautiful skin, Awal Suddeeq, a son of Dagbon, begun to seek answers for healthy, safety, ageless and beautiful skin that for a very long eluded many women. He researched into this tradition of healing and treatment of the Dagbon kingdom which is more than 500 years old, he asked the traditional healers, he reached the families with this preserved knowledge and sat before the renowned herbalists for answers. Gradually he discovered plant after plant, herb after herb and oil after oil that remained the true sources of ageless, flawless, healthy and beautiful skin. The result of this discovery is AVELA.

The Avela products are formulated based on three principles:


The food we eat:

Avela believes that the fresh fruits and vegetable we eat are blessings from nature for not only our physical health but for the health and beauty of the skin. Avela for this reason uses these fresh fruits and vegetables in their formulations to produce cosmetic products that are safe and have maximum benefits for the health and beauty of the skin.

The use of age-old African herbs:

As practiced in the tradition of Dagombas (people of Dagbon in northern Ghana), Avela uses these herbs that have exceptional healing properties to protect and empower the skin to fight common skin problems such as pimples, rashes, acne, skin dryness and blemish.

The use of Essential oils:

Avela sources its essential oils which has exceptional cleansing and moisturizing as well as therapeutic properties from dedicated essential oil-processing families with over 100 years tradition of making the purest essential oils in northern Ghana. Our shea butter, which is our main ingredient is handcrafted and sourced from dedicated Shea-processing families with over 100 years tradition of making the purest shea butter in northern Ghana.
The Avela brand, therefore, communicates love, passion, togetherness and happiness. It stands for the common shared feeling and celebration between the young and the old, what they have in common is the pride of ageless and beautiful skin AVELA provides them. AVELA celebrates unique beauty in the spirit of togetherness and happiness among women.



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