About Us

Powered Minds Limited is a Ghanaian registered company, founded in 2018 and launched its first cosmetic brand, Kasi Naturals in October 2018, a natural cosmetic brand that produces all natural handmade cosmetic products with natural oils blended with fresh fruits and herbs. Kasi Naturals products also provide treatment for common skin problems such as acne, skin rashes, pimples, body itching and blemish. Kasi naturals use very simple formulations that produce excellent results. The company continues to explore other African herbs and natural oils to provide every person with a unique product that would enhance the true and natural beauty of its customer.

Powered Minds also launched the  AVELA brand in 2020.. The brand promotes unique beauty among women. This new brand is positioned to protect and maintain healthy and safe skin of women who are conscious of the effects of chemical cosmetic products on their skin.

Economic and Social Impact 

Impact on Women

Powered Minds uses Shea butter as the main ingredient in the production of its products. The company currently creates jobs for more than 10 women-based shea processing groups who process Shea nuts into Shea butter and then supply it to the company for the production of its products.

The company also uses other essential oils such as neem oil, moringa oil, carrot oil and baobab oil which are all sourced locally mostly from rural women in Ghana. This continues to create jobs and a source of livelihood for these Ghanaian women.

Local Farmers

The company uses fresh fruits and vegetables for the production of its soaps. The company sources all these from the local farmers and also involved in facilitating the capacity building of these farmers in order to produce high quality fruits and vegetable to feed into the company’s production.

Bee Farmers

The company also uses organic, unrefined honey and Bee wax all sourced directly from rural bee farmers. This creates a market for the local honey that goes a long way to improve the economic and living standards of these bee farmers.



Powered Minds Limited
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